Sunday, October 30, 2011

Less Cleave

I've ways loved my American Apparel tees, but they show a bit too much bosom. I sewed on some reinforcement this morning. Mission less scandalous accomplished.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frame It

I had a terribly dramatic experience regarding a coworker and some picture frames. Anyway, It left me out in the cold, hunting for a frame. I stumbled upon this one at Goodwill, not knowing the size, just relying on my eye. Im glad the drama occurred. I like having to work for my things and this story is no different plus, my Korea pic looks awesome in it.

Mirror Mirror in my Bathroom

Nail Polish

Some people like shoes or bags, maybe makeup... I like nail polish (not to say I don't like those other things, I just Really like polish) and I Always have. I used to paint my neighbors nails when I was eight. On average, I'd say I paint them twice a week.


I am obsessed.

My friend Devon had heard of my obsession for antlers, as anyone who spends five minutes with me would. Being the thoughtful girl that she is, she decided to treat me to the below pair as a housewarming gift. I may have screamed. They are certainly my most prized home good. If my apartment were on fire, I would grab my computer and external, these antlers and a robe to cover up, I guess.


What do you think of my blue ceiling?

My apartment is old and decrepit, therefore the kitchen ceiling was peeling and stained brown from the old school stove below. I had some left over paint (yes, I am that cheap) from some other projects, so took it out on my ceiling. I'm pleased with the result.


Doesn't sound like an exciting title, but they sure make my house look amazing!

Winner Winner...

... Balenciaga Dinner ...
Shopping for me is not about accumulating more or nicer things. It's about the hunt. I take the following things into consideration: how much is it worth, how much will I pay, how hard did I have to look, how rare is the find. This isn't to say I don't like a good ol' GAP attack - easy, fruitful and common - but my favorite pieces, the ones I cherish most were expensive to someone, cheap for me, in the corner or crazy basement and have never/will never see again.

Or in the case of the Balenciaga below, it's worth a bundle, I paid $20 at a women's shelter, then twice that to have it repaired, plus I have been eyeing the real deal for a lifetime. Chalk that up to a major score!

The Owl of My Affection

This sweet display greets comers and bades farewell to goers. Stick around for more of my stick displays.

Head Wrap

Before I chopped all my hair off, I thought I'd try this head wrap. Will I be ably pull that off with a nub for a pony?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Midas Touch

Everything I touch turns to gold.

Black Leatha Booties

Another conquest of my online spree, these GAP black booties that I first saw on Sincerely Jules. I had to have them and lucked out that they were on sale.

Friday, October 14, 2011


GAP Sale

My boss threatened last week, if you don't dress seriously, no one will take you seriously. I don't like that statement, but I suppose the uptight business world isn't a place for an eager, fashionista wannabe. It is for uptight suits and uptight people.

In order to feed my passion/obsession I have to walk the walk... or skip the walk. One can only bend so much. To do so, my wardrobe needed (I use this word knowingly loosely) flowy tops and giant flair work pants. GAP must have heard my cry. They had a wild sale on several neutral silk tops.

This not only fulfills a goal, but feeds my love for neutral tops with colorful bottoms! TWOFER!

My Style

I don't know what my style is. A coworker told me she looks forward to seeing what I come up with next. Another said she likes to guess what I'm going to wear every day. Even a color/clothing specialist once said that my style is "costume wear" because I like to mix it up so much. I guess you could say I'm a bit boho, a pinch prep, and a grain of grunge. Stick around to see what I mean.

The Beginning...

What better way to celebrate a new era, new goals, and a new blog than with an Arm Party!

Credits to ManRepeller... Pretty sure that stylish, witty beast has that name copyrighted.