Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 Bag Collection

The images found off PurseBlog.
Victoria Beckham has truly outdone herself! I am in complete disbelief, not because I didn't think she could do it, but because so few celebrity turned designers really get it right. She got it PERFECT! Her bags have a great lines, amazing materials, are realistic, modern, but classic. 

I considered showing her more structured, warehouse photos, but these images are soo much cooler. I just like these particular pictures because I can imagine their leather creaminess in my arms :)

Polyvore 1

When I first began to express my fashion-sense, I did so on Polyvore. I am going to introduce some of my pieces on here week by week, five sets at a time. 

All sets are uniquely mine and are in no order whatsoever. 

Surface to Air

I wanted to comment on this collection After you had a chance to look at them. I am in love with these crisp, smooth, modern looks. It must be ethnic flair that meets space age. At first I didn't care for the collection, and half the stuff I still don't, but these pieces, and they way they were put together are very clever. I am loving Surface to Air - a very fitting name to their design, I must say.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

David Lauren and Lauren Bush

This wedding transcends time. The marriage of this couple links two epic families - David, the son of Ralph Lauren and Lauren, the niece of President Bush. The wedding was held at the 17,000 acre Double RL ranch. They incorporated the breathtaking scenery brilliantly into every aspect of design. Lauren wore a hand-made gown, designed by the groom's father. The groom was obviously in Ralph Lauren.

Photos Taken from VOGUE


I was pretty upset that I forgot my earbuds for the six hours of Thanksgiving flying I was going to take on. Can't exactly get your Mumford on without them. I figured if I had to get new ones, I might as well go all out. I am pumped and a slightly obsessed with these headphones, and their packaging. I hope to keep both forever.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Accessorize in Leopard

I fully recognized that I, along with every other blogger, has posted pictures of leopard everything. Prêt-à-Portea did a feature on the print. I absolutely love the brilliant pictures she found. 

Green With Envy

Thursday, November 24, 2011


... It's only cool in pictures. I do like this picture/concept though.

Ice Truck Killer

Any Dexter fans out there? This crazy week I was subconsciously channeling my favorite show. Hopefully my fate doesn't end the same.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Since we're on the subject of neck candy, check out these incredibly made necklace/scarves. Roarke NY is the first of their kind to make such pieces. I encourage you to look at their site. The scarvelaces go on for days!

Deloris Petunia II

I just love her so much and could not stop looking at ever piece. Here are a couple more from her Etsy collection - bibs, baubles, and bridal bandeaus.

Here are two from her Bridal Bandeau collection!

Deloris Petunia

Deloris Petunia by Courtney Prince has some of the most colorful and creative designs for jewelry right now. They are so intricate, intense, elaborate and saucy. The first post is a feature on her cuffs. 

Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen

Fash n Chips
There really is no one like him. Thank you, Sarah Burton for continuing his art.