Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's been awhile...

Jobs happen, lives change, and all of a sudden you find yourself on a blocked computer at work and a barely functioning one at home. This does not mean, I haven't been filling my mind with house projects, ideas and fantasizing over the dream design team; nay, I have been collecting links, and collecting links and labeling links. 

I have every intention of showing you all that I have been admiring; although, if you are on the interwebs, you've probably seen most of them during my hiatus. If you have not, however, and have been waiting on me(sincere apologies, Enjoy The Inspiration. You can also just wait till I get around to actually posting all the images. 

This was before I got smart and decided to label each link. Hopefully you can get an idea of what each of the links is by looking toward the end. I know it ain't pretty, but it's functional for me. Due to my lack of updates, I thought I owed ya something, ANYTHING!



Home Tours:



Continued 4.2016:
Designers http://cortneybishop.com/ , http://elizabethroberts.com/

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